Get a Straight Razor Shave from a Barber Shop in Bali

Visit a barber shop in Bali for a straight-razor shave because you’re a man, and this needs to be on your bucket list

There are lots of things that are much cheaper in Bali than you will get at home – and a straight razor shave and a haircut is high on the list. Old-fashioned barbershops are common all over Bali and are becoming increasingly popular in the tourist areas.

The first well-known barbershop is the Bali Barber, located above a women’s hair salon centrally located in Seminyak opposite Sunset Point Shopping Centre. One of the more high-end men’s grooming establishments the cost is a little more than others but well worth the price if you’re new to the whole barbershop experience. Expect to pay around Rp250.000 for a hot towel wet-shave. They also offer massage and pedicures, but more importantly, have a humidor and a great selection of Scotch if you need to quell the nerves before facing a straight-razor.

Across the road on the same side as Sunset Point is Headmost, without a doubt, our favourite. Expect to pay around Rp120.000 for a hot towel wet-shave and a haircut. The barbershop isn’t quite as flashy as the Bali Barber but the barbers have an impeccable attention to detail and hygiene – important when someone is holding a razor to your neck. Anyplace that recycles gin bottles to use as water sprays have our vote.

Headmost Barbershop - Bali Go Where

It’s also a great place if you just want a haircut and the barbers have a solid reputation with locals and tourists alike, so make an appointment beforehand. Walk-ins are taken, but the wait can be long during the high season.

The Roots Barbershop is also in Seminyak, just around the corner from Headmost on Jalan Kerobokan on the corner of Sunset Road.

Billionaire’s Cut Barber and Coffeeshop is handy to downtown Seminyak in Jalan Nakula, not far from Bintang Supermarket. Don’t let the small space fool you, these guys are pros and we suggest you have a coffee after your shave, not before. Think about it.

Billionaires Barbershop -Bali Go Where

Dorsey’s Barber Shop in Canggu is part of the Deus complex, so you can check out some custom motorcycles while your there.

Ubud Barbershop is one of only two worth visiting in Ubud, the other being Bliss Barbershop.

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